EXC 2060 C3-19 - Critical online edition following up the genesis of holy texts through magisterial decisions of the Catholic Church

In Progress
Funding Source
DFG - Cluster of Excellence
Project Number
EXC 2060/1
Type of Funding
Third-party funding
  • Description

    In a critical online edition, this digital theologies project will show the genesis of focal normative or sacred texts issued by the Catholic Magisterium during the 19th and 20th centuries and trace the respective decision-making processes. Not least, the "internal reception" of the corresponding statements within the institutions of the Roman Magisterium shall be taken into account: individual decisions are not to be considered separately from each other, but in context and over the entire period of Modernity. The edition is primarily aimed at researchers, but also at a broader public. The project is part of the new interdisciplinary and interreligious research focus of the Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics", which uses the methods of Digital Humanities to investigate the tension between theological doctrine and lived religiousness by examining the historical character of religiously binding texts. The different layers of the historical origin, the tradition as well as the development of those theological texts regarded as binding will be illustrated. The aim is to collect religiously binding texts of the three great monotheistic religions using Digital Humanities methods and considering them from various points of view. In some cases, their genesis is reconstructed for the first time ever.
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    Professor Dr. Hubert Wolf

    Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics"
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