EXC 2060 B3-12 - Religious Fundamentalism

Funding Source
DFG - Cluster of Excellence
Project Number
EXC 2060/1
  • Description

    The project "Religious Fundamentalism" treats forms of fundamentalism among Muslim immigrants in Germany as a characteristic feature of modernity. Fundamentalist movements press for religious clarity, separate their own position from its traditional embedding, deprive it of historicity, and thereby place that position above all other religious or ideological positions. They thereby distinguish themselves fundamentally from traditional attitudes, which push less for religious decisions and distance themselves less strongly from deviating beliefs. The project investigates the logic of justification behind such exclusive superiority claims, but also relates fundamentalist attitudes to their social conditions and analyzes the influence of education, socialization, origin, experience of discrimination, perceived injustice, as well as extra- and intrareligious contacts. It attaches particular importance to analyzing the connection between fundamentalism and the affinity to violence.
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