Research Cloud 3 Migration and diaspora

Migration changes not only the balance between religious minority and religious majority in the regions concerned, but also the religious semantics, patterns of interpretation, and practices both among migrants and in the host society. A particularly controversial issue in migration research is how far, and on the basis of which legal, political and social conditions, the religiosity of migrants in the country of arrival increases or decreases, and how the changes in religious ties in the second and third generations of immigrants can be explained.

Research Cloud 3 examines the extent to which migration changes the attitudes and behaviour of both migrants and the majority population in the host countries, their cultural and religious self-identification, their view of themselves and others, their understanding of home, nationality and political affiliation, and their religious practice. In addition, the Research Cloud deals with the controversial question of how far religion fosters or impedes the social integration of immigrants.

Coordination of Research Cloud 3: