Research Cloud 4 Digital Humanities

The research cloud Digital Humanities investigates both methodological and content-related similarities between the individual projects of the Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics" that work with digital methods. The focus is on the joint analysis and solution of problems that arise when applying digital methods.

Together with the software engineers of the Service Center Digital Humanities of the ULB Münster, digital tools are tested, discussed and adapted on the basis of practical case studies in order to jointly address the concrete, upcoming research questions from a digital perspective. This also involves an adequate presentation of the digital results online. After all, the explicit goal is to sustain digital standards across projects and to find joint solutions for the University of Münster from the very beginning.

The range of content of the individual projects covers the entire thematic spectrum of the Cluster of Excellence. One focus of digital research, however, is on the historical character of religious texts, in particular their history of origin and transmission in the field of tension between the dynamics of tradition and innovation. This field includes religiously motivated texts by individual authors as well as those that claim the highest level of commitment for their religious community. As a result, there are not only methodological overlaps from the field of digital editing, but also clear interfaces in terms of content between the individual projects, such as the handling of recurring motifs or historical events, which are discussed in the Research Cloud.

Coordination of Research Cloud 4: