Digital Humanities

There is an increasingly strong demand for digital working methods in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Münster. University management, with the significant participation of the Cluster, set up in 2017 a Center for Digital Humanities (CDH), which brings together interested academics at the University. As a cross-disciplinary interest group, the Center for Digital Humanities supports the development, implementation and use of digital technology in the humanities and social sciences faculties of the University of Münster, and supplies the required DH structures and services.

As a forum for cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer, the CDH unites the existing DH projects and interests at the University of Münster; it oversees and coordinates the different existing DH knowledge and resources within the University; it provides targeted support for the development of further fields of application for digital technologies; and it makes available its expertise in the planning and implementation of computer-aided project components. The Center’s staff will in future offer their services at the “Service Point Digital Humanities”, which is part of the “Competence Centre for eScience“ of the University Library of Münster.