Digital lecture: "Sexualized violence in churches"


On May 2, 2022, the Center for Religion and Modernity (CRM) held a digital lecture and discussion event on the subject of "Sexualized violence in churches". Prof. Dr. Thomas Großbölting and Prof. Dr. Klaus Große Kracht, who investigated the cases of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Münster, informed the members of the CRM in compact form about their approach and the structural results of their study. Afterwards, methodical questions in particular were lively discussed. Questions were also raised about the classification of abuse in churches, which have to be answered with a view to cases in sports clubs, schools and other institutions. Possibilities of prevention and the newly required confidence-building were considered. Prof. Großbölting gave an assessment of the status of the inner processing in the Roman Catholic Dioceses and in the Protestant Churches of Germany, which turned out to be very different. On June 13, the results of the study will be presented to the general public.

Will be released on 06/13/2022

Großbölting / Große Kracht / Frings: Macht und sexueller Missbrauch in der katholischen Kirche. Betroffene, Beschuldigte und Vertuscher im Bistum Münster seit 1945.

Großbölting: Die schuldigen Hirten. Geschichte des sexuellen Missbrauchs in der katholischen Kirche.