Financial support for Open Access: The University of Münster's Publication Fund

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Authors at the University of Münster have the opportunity to apply for funding from a publication fund for publication fees of Open Access publications. Since 2011, this funding has been available for articles in Open Access journals, for which so-called Article Processing Charges (APCs) must be paid. These APCs are due primarily for scientific journals.

In the humanities and social sciences, there are of course also Open Access journals, but here publication is often free of charge because the journals are supported by professional societies, for example. On the other hand, more monographs and edited volumes are published in these disciplines than in the natural sciences – and here, too, there are fortunately more and more Open Access publications.
Since November 2017, these publications have therefore also been funded by the Open Access Publication Fund: if scientists want to publish a book or an anthology and have to pay a fee, they can be reimbursed under certain conditions.

You can find an overview of the general conditions and the process of reimbursement on our pages on the fund.
Perhaps your next publication is also eligible?