..to the lab of Prof. Dr. Markus Lappe. We are interested in the mechanisms of active perception of space and motion and the control of spatially directed actions. Our approaches involve psychophysics, cognitive neuroscience, and computer modeling. You can find an overview of our current projects here.
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Congratulations on the Best Paper Award

Congratulations to our PhD students Gianni Bremer and Niklas Stein for winning the Best Paper Award at the 4th IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (IEEE AIVR 2021) in Taiwan. In their paper "Predicting Future Position From Natural Walking and Eye Movements with Machine Learning", the two presented an LSTM machine learning model for predicting future walking movements based on motion, orientation and eye tracking data. Their article and Gianni's presentation convinced the international jury especially by their high scientific quality and the versatile applications of the presented results. Due to the pandemic, the conference took place online as a remote event from November 15 - 17, 2021.

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We congratulate our PhD student Niklas Stein.  i-Perception awarded him the Early Career Advancement Prize for his paper “A comparison of eye tracking latencies among several commercial head-mounted displays”.

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We congratulate our PhD student Krischan Koerfer on the Best Poster Award at the European Conference on Visual Perception in Leuven (ECVP 2019).
His poster "Heading Bias based on Conflicting Local Optical Flow and Biological Motion Confirms Independent Processing Paths of Heading Perception and Object Segmentation" was rewarded for its scientific quality, clarity and presentation.

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We congratulate our PhD student Jana Masselink on the SR Research Poster Award at the European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM 2019). The conference was held from 18-22 August in Alicante (Spain) where she received the award for giving the best interactive presentation of a model on oculomotor plasticity in visual, motor and forward model representations (title: ’Saccadic motor command adapts to post-saccadic target representation in pre-saccadic coordinates’).

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