• Graduate Projects and Research Internships

      Bachelor and Masters projects, as well as research internships, offer an opportunity for students to actively partake in research within the fields of general psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Research projects are offered by all currently running workgroups. Potential projects can be undertaken in the areas of visual motion perception, action recognition, the cognitive basis of social interaction, spatial orientation and the control of goal directed behaviour. Methodological approaches used in research projects include classical perceptual measurement, eye movement tracking, and behavioural experiments conducted in virtual reality. In addition, it is also possible to take part in projects involving computational and theoretical modelling. Interested individuals should contact the lab or a workgroup member directly for further information.

  • Experimental Participation

    If you are interested in participating in one of the experiments currently being run in the lab, please contact It is possible to participate in both individual experiments, as well as longer term projects in which more participation credits or other forms of compensation are awarded.