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    • MEMIN - Experimental Impact Cratering:
      The MEMIN Program (Multidisciplinary Experimental and Modeling Impact Research Network) is funded by DFG (DFG Research Unit for 887) and involves groups from Uni Münster, Uni Jena, Uni Munich, Berlin (MfN), Hamburg (DESY), Freiburg (Fraunhofer-Institut für Kurszeitdynamik), Beauvais (F) and Stony Brook (USA).
    • Fate of the projectile:
      In the context of the MEMIN project, a hypervelocity cratering experiment has been performed using a sphere of the iron meteorite Campo del Cielo as projectile accelerated to 4.56 km/s, and a block of Seeberger sandstone as target material.
    • K-Pg boundary:
      Investigations on K-Pg boundary event bed lithologies.
    • El´gygytgyn:
      El’gygytgyn is an 18 km diameter, 3.6 Ma old impact crater in NE Siberia.  International Continental Scientific Drilling Program - El’gygytgyn hole 1C was drilled on the frozen crater lake, ~2.3 km from the crater center to a final depth of 517 m below the lake floor. 
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