Prof. Dr. E. K. Jessberger

Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Diplom Physiker


General Research Topic

Cosmochronology and the chemical and isotopic evolution of the small bodies in the solar system

Curriculum Vitae

(December 2006)

Personal Data

Name                 Elmar K. Jessberger, Universitäts-Professor, Dr. rer. nat.
Date of birth     April 18, 1943
Citizenship       German

Education and Academic Carreer

                         1969       Diploma Physics (Universität Heidelberg)
                         1971       Dr. rer. nat. Physics (Universität Heidelberg)
                         1981       Habilitation, Physics (Universität Heidelberg)
                         1987       Außerplanmäßiger Professor für Physik (Universität Heidelberg)

Research and Professional Experience

                         1971 – 1996   Senior Scientist, Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg
                         1996 – now    Full Professor (C4) of Analytical and Experimental Planetology,
                                                Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster

Personal Fellowships:
                         1972 –1973    NSF-Fellowship (at California Institute of Technology)
                         1978 – 1978   Habilitation-Fellowship (DFG)
                         1979 – 1983   Heisenberg-Fellow (DFG)

Principal Investigator:        ENEAS, MERTIS, GENTNER, LIBS

Co-Investigator:                 PIA, MIDAS, COSIMA, DAWN, CDA, SEBA, ESA Topical                                                      Team, EMF

Guest Professorships       

                         1981               State University of New York, Stony Brook
                         1984               Washington University, St. Louis
                         1991 – 1992   University of Vienna and Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna

Grants spent 2001 – 2005:  2.171.000 € (from DFG, BMBF, ESA, EU)

Research Interests

     Cosmochronology and the chemical and isotopic evolution of the bodies in the solar system


                         Fellow of the Meteoritical Society (1994)
                         NASA Group Achievement Award (1998)
                         Asteroid 16231 Jessberger (2000 ES130) (2005)


                         1987 – 1991   Senior Scientific Advisor of the Space Science Committee,                                                             European Science Foundation
                         1989 – 1994   Member of the Scientific Council and CPT-Section, Max-Planck                                                         Society (MPG)
                         1989 – 1994   Member of MPG Commissions
                                                - Perspektiven-Kommission der CPT Sektion
                                                - Kommission zur Neuordnung des Berufungsverfahrens
                                                - Kommission zur Neugründung astrophysikalischer Institute in                                                       den neuen Bundes­ländern
                                                - Stammkommissionen
                         1989 – 1996   Member of the MPG-Committee for the Advancement of Female                                                     Scientists
                         1991 – 1994   Representative Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter in the Intersectional                                                 Committee of the MPG
                         1991 – 2002   Review Panel Member Extraterrestrial Basic Research DARA/DLR
                         1997 – 1999   Science Advisor to the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik,                                                             Heidelberg
                         1998 – 2001   Co-Editor Planetary and Space Science
                         1998 – now    Member of the Fachbereichrat Geowissenschaften and various                                                     Commissions
                         2001 – 2002   Chairman Leonard Medal Committee, Meteoritical Society
                         2001 – 2003   Member of the Senate Commission on Research (KFWN)                                                                 University Münster
                         2002 – 2006   Member of Program Committee, DLR
                         2003               Organizer 66th Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, Münster
                         2003 – 2004   Chairman of the Senate Commission on Research (KFWN)                                                             University Münster
                         2005 – 2006   Chairman of the Commission for Planning and Structure,                                                                 Fachbereich Geowissenschaften
                         2005 – 2006   Chairman of Leonard Medal Committee, Meteoritical Society
                         2003 – 2017    ESA’s AURORA Science Working Team
                         2005 – 2017    Member of Visiting Committees of
                                                - Center of Excellence OEPS, Kobe, Japan
                                                - DLR-Institut für Planetenforschung, Berlin
                                                - International Max Planck Research School on Physical Processes                                                   in the Solar System and Beyond, Katlenburg/Lindau 

Publications: 300; thereof in refereed journals: 127; success (h-Index): 27

The Ten Most Important Publications

Meierhenrich U.J., Munoz Caro G.M., Bredehöft J,H., Jessberger E.K., Thiemann W.H.P. (2004) Diamino acids in the Murchison meteorite as a source of early genetic material. Proc. New York Acad. Sci. 101: 9182–9186

Kimura, I., I. Mann, E.K. Jessberger (2003) Composition, structure, and size distribution of dust in the local interstellar cloud. Astrophys. J., 583: 314–321

Stephan, T., E.K. Jessberger, C.H. Heiss, D. Rost (2003) TOF-SIMS analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Allan Hills 84001. Met. & Planet. Sci. 38: 109–116

Trieloff M., E.K. Jessberger, I. Herrwerth, J. Hopp, C. Fiéni, M. Ghélis, M. Bourot-Denise, P. Pellas (2003) The early thermal history of the H-chondrite parent asteroid from integrated 244Pu and 40Ar-39Ar thermochronometries. Nature 402: 502–506

Mann, I., E.K. Jessberger (2003) The in-situ study of solid particles in the solar system. In: Astromineralogy (ed. Th. Henning): 189–216, Springer, Heidelberg

Jessberger, E.K., T. Stephan, D. Rost, P. Arndt, M. Maetz, F.J. Stadermann, D.E. Brownlee, J. Bradley, G. Kurat (2001) Properties of interplanetary dust: Information from collected samples. In: Interplanetary Dust (eds. S.F. Dermott, H. Fechtig, E. Grün, and B.A.S. Gustafson): 253–294, Springer, Heidelberg

Jessberger, E.K., A. Christoforidis, J. Kissel (1988): Aspects of the major ele­ment composition of Hal­ley's dust. Na­ture 332: 691-695.

Jessberger, E.K., B. Dominik (1979): Gerontology of the Allende me­teorite. Nature 277: 554-556.

Jessberger, E.K., Th. Staudacher, B. Dominik, T. Kirsten, O.A. Schaeffer (1978): Limited response of the K-Ar system to the Nördlinger Ries gi­ant me­teorite impact. Nature 271: 338-339.

Jessberger, E.K., J.C. Huneke, G.J.Wasserburg (1974): Evidence for a ~4.5 AE age of plagioclase clasts in a lunar highland brec­cia. Nature 248: 199-202.