On the use and abuse of *thermodynamic* entropy

12. 4. 2018

Prof. Dr. Peter Hänggi, Universität Augsburg

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Precision Experiments with Stored and Cooled Ions

19. 4. 2018

Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum, MPI für Kernphysik  Heidelberg

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The new International System of Units (SI)

26. 4. 2018

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kück, PTB Braunschweig

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Creation and Interference of Multiphoton States

3. 5. 2018

Prof. Dr. Gregor Weihs, Universität Innsbruck

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Laser mass spectrometry imaging of intact bio-molecules

17. 05. 2018

Dr. Jens Soltwisch, UKM

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New Developments in Ultrafast Electron Imaging and Spectroscopy

7. 6. 2018

Prof. Dr. Claus Ropers, Universität Göttingen

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Ultrafast Electron Dynamics at Surfaces and Internal Interfaces

14. 6. 2018

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Höfer, Universität Marburg

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The Origin of Mass of the visible Universe

Friday, 29. 6. 2018 (Symposium on Quantum and Statistical Field Theory)

Prof. Dr. Zoltan Fodor, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

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The physics of active motion in biological systems

5.7. 2018

Prof. Dr. Timo Betz, WWU

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Toward Swimming Nanorobots

12. 7. 2018

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gompper, Universität Jülich

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Fusionsforschung: Die Sonne auf die Erde holen?

19. 7. 2018

Prof. Dr. Sibylle Günter, MPI für Plasmaphysik, Garching


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