Nuclear & particle physics
Nuclear & particle physics

Research seminar: quantum field theory

Summer semester 2024


Beginning of lecture period: 08.04.2024
End of lecture period: 19.07.2024

Course number in the course overview: 116536

  • Organizers, organization & dates


    Dates & locations

    Seminar Monday, 14:00–16:00 KP/TP, seminar room 304

    Some dates take place in the framework of

    GRK 2149: Joint seminar of the research focus particle physics (“RTG Colloquium”)

    Date: 1st or 3rd Friday of a month, 12:00 s. t.

    Location: KP/TP 404

  • Topics & schedule

    08.04.2024 Renormalization of Gauge Theories and Gravity

    Dr. David Prinz

    (MPI for Mathematics, Bonn)

    15.04.2024 Theory predictions for precise (proton) PDF fits - EW corrections, PineAPPL and Pineline

    Dr. Christopher Schwan

    (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Theoretical Physics II)

    Thursday, 18.04.2024, 16:00 c.t., HS 2, IG I

    (Colloquium of GRK 2149, special date & department colloquium!)

    The emergence of galaxies in the first billion years: implications for
    reionization, cosmology and gravitational wave astronomy

    Prof. Dr. Pratika Dayal

    (University of Groningen, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Groningen, NL)

    17:15, HS 2, IG I (!)
    Physics with top quarks at the Large Hadron Collider

    Dr. Tomas Jezo

    (University of Münster, ITP)

    29.04.2024 A GUT completion of minimal dark matter

    Edoardo Spezzano

    (ITP, University of Münster)

    06.05.2024 Production of Quarkonia: Status of NRQCD at (N)NLO

    Dr. Mathias Butenschön

    (University of Hamburg, II. Institute for Theoretical Physics)

    13.05.2024 Monopoles, Strings and Gravitational Waves

    Prof. Dr. Qaisar Shafi

    (University of Delaware, Bartol Research Institute, Newark, DE, USA)

    Friday, 17.05.2024,
    12:00 s.t., HS 404

    (Colloquium of GRK 2149)

    The bright side of searching for Dark Matter

    Prof. Dr. Ranny Budnik

    (Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Rehovot, Israel)

    03.06.2024 LHCb Anomalies, Inclusive Penguin Modes and Refactorisation

    Prof. Dr. Tobias Hurth

    (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Institute for Physics)

    Thursday, 06.06.2024, 16:00 c.t., HS 2, IG I

    (Colloquium of GRK 2149, special date & department colloquium!)

    Precision theory predictions for high energy collider physics

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Gehrmann

    (University of Zürich, Physik-Institut, Zürich, Schweiz)

    17.06.2024 Excursion All
    24.06.2024 DIS at small Bjorken x: next to leading order corrections

    Prof. Dr. Jamal Jalillian-Marian

    (Baruch College, CUNY, NY, USA)

    Friday, 28.06.2024,
    12:00 s.t., HS 404

    (Colloquium of GRK 2149)

    Nonlinear dynamics of high-intensity beams in accelerators: understanding and challenges

    PD Dr. Giuliano Franchetti

    (GSI Darmstadt & Goethe-University Frankfurt, Institute for Applied Physics)

    01.07.2024 t.b.a.

    Dr. Rene Poncelet

    (University of Cambridge, Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK)

    Friday, 05.07.2024, 10:00 s.t.

    (Additional date!)

    Phenomenological aspects of scotogenic models

    Prof. Dr. Björn Herrmann

    (LAPTh, Annecy & Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France)

    Friday, 05.07.2024,
    12:00 s.t., HS 404

    (Colloquium of GRK 2149)

    Exploring New Physics and Supersymmetry at the Dawn of LHC Run 3 and at the HL-LHC

    Prof. Dr. Benjamin Fuks

    (Sorbonne Université & Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Energies, LPTHE, Paris, France)

    08.07.2024 t.b.a.


    15.07.2024 t.b.a. N.N.