Teaching theoretical aspects of nonlinear physics

Bachelor’s/master’s theses

Subjects for bachelor’s and master’s theses in nonlinear physics can be inquired about with

Courses in nonlinear physics

Prof. Dr. S. Linz’s and Prof. Dr. U. Thiele’s working groups participate in modules of the physics programs with lectures and seminars in nonlinear physics:

Seminars and practical courses

  • Bachelor’s seminar on the theory of atoms, nuclei and condensed matter (every WS)
  • Master’s seminar on the theory of complex systems
  • Interdisciplinary practical course: Nonlinear modelling in science


  • Theoretical nonlinear physics I (every WS)
  • Theoretical nonlinear physics II (every SS)
  • Complex systems I (every WS)
  • Complex systems II (every SS)
  • Numerical methods for complex systems I (every WS)
  • Numerical methods for complex systems II (every SS)

Further courses in nonlinear physics are offered by other physics institutes.

Current semester

Past semesters:

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