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Nanophotonics Group

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Iris Niehues



We are hiring!
Interested in joining our group?
Please contact me to discuss possible topics for Bachelor, Master, or PhD theses.

Investigating the optical properties on the nanoscale

Our group focuses on the fundamental optical properties on the nanoscale of 2D materials and single-photon emitters to develop novel functionalities for quantum technology applications. We use near-field techniques to achive an optical resolution beyond the diffraction limit together with conventional techniques.

The group is funded by the NRW Rückkehrprogramm Quantentechnologie.

Building neascope May 2024
© Iris Niehues

Almost Operational!

This week Korbinian Kaltenecker from attocube set up my new neascope. Excited for the first test measurements and final installments in the coming weeks.

Setup in boxes
© Iris Niehues

The Setup has arrived!

The Neascope has arrived! Can't wait for the unboxing and buildup of the setup in May.

We are hiring!

Interested in joining our group as a PhD student?
We also have topics for Bachelor and Master students.
Please contact Iris Niehues to discuss possible topics.

We are now part of the CRC1459 Intelligent Matter!

Iris Niehues succesfully defended her Start-Up project proposal during the CRC1459 all members retreat. The grant supports innovative projects to catalyse their integration into the CRC1459.
More details can be found here.

BaMa Tag

We took part in the BaMa–Tag!
Interested to join our group as a Bachelor or Master student?
Please contact Iris Niehues to discuss posible topics.

Wir waren beim BaMa-Tag dabei!
Interesse an einer Bachelor oder Masterarbeit?
Konatktiere uns ueber Iris Niehues um moegliche Projekte zu besprechen