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Ultrafast Optics in Nanostructured Solids

Welcome to the AG Reiter

Our research group studies the theoretical modelling of dynamics on ultra short time and length scales. An introduction to our research can be found here. My CV and further information can be found in the research portal of the WWU Münster.

We have several collaborations within the WWU Münster, in particular with the AG Kuhn and the AG Bratschitsch and with other theoretical and experimental groups all over the world, e.g., with Martin Axt from Bayreuth, Germany, Ortwin Hess from London, UK, Jacek Kasprzak from Grenoble, France, Paweł Machnikowski from Wrocław, Poland.

We are always happy to talk about our work. If you are interested in a bachelor or master thesis in our group, please contact us via email and make an appointment.
Doris Reiter

New publication on optimization of photonic structures for quantum technology

Adv. Quantum Technol. 2019, 1900084
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Photonic structures will play a crucial role in future chip designs for quantum technology, because photonic crystal waveguides and cavities can guide or confine light on the nanoscale. Such cavities can be used to in-couple light from single emitters into the chips. In this paper, we analyse photonic crystal nanobeam waveguides on substrate for the coupling to NV centers in nanodiamonds. We have modelled and compared three different design approaches. The structures were then fabricated and characterized by Philip Schrinner in the group of Carsten Schuck. We showed that the mode-matching design is best in terms of quality factor and mode volume.

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New review paper on electron-phonon interaction in quantum dots

Adv. Phys-X4, 1655478 (2019)
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The electron-phonon interaction in quantum dots is different to the one in bulk semiconductors due to the nano structuring. In this review article the consequences of this special electron-phonon interaction for optically driven semicondcutor quantum dots are discussed. A special emphasis is given for the impact of the phonons on the photons emitted from the quantum dot. The review also gives an overview over the recent literature in this field.

The paper was written in collaboration with Martin Axt from University of Bayreuth. It is Open Access and can be found here.

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Jan Olthaus is out for a research stay to Cardiff

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This month Jan Olthaus has left his desk and moved to Cardiff, Wales, for a 4- research stay in the group of Dr. Sang Soon Oh at Cardiff University, Wales. During his stay he will work on chirality and topology in nanophotonic structures. To finance his stay Jan successfully applied for a fellowship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). We wish Jan all the best for his stay in Cardiff and are looking forward for his return in January!