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Move to TU Dortmund

In April 2022 the working group will relocate to TU Dortmund.

In the future you will find our website at the Condensed Matter Theory (Reiter Group) department.

Thanks to everybody for a great time at the University of Münster!

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Ultrafast Optics in Nanostructured Solids


D. Reiter
| | ACS Applied Nano Materials
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New publication on photonic structures in a honeycomb lattice

Photonic structures can manipulate light in different ways depending on the specific structure. In this paper a new method to fabricate a photonic honey comb lattice made from silicon spheres is presented. The honey comb lattice features photonic Dirac points, where the light modes cross. We show theoretically and experimentally the fabricated structure features such Dirac points. Our results point the way to fabricate topological photonic structure in the near future. The paper is a joint work with the group of Sang Soon Oh from Cardiff (UK), the TT-Lab of Teun-Teun Kim from Ulsan (South Korea) and the group of Gi-Ra Yi from Pohang (South Korea).

D. Reiter
| | Phys. Status Solidi B, 202100649 (2022)
© T. Bracht

New publication studies the emission of phonons during optical excitation of a quantum dots

The optical excitation of a quantum dot, for example to prepare the exciton state, can be accompanied by the generation of lattice vibrations, also known as phonons. In this publication, we compare the phonon creation during the recently proposed SUPER scheme with the phonon generation during more established schemes. We show that depending on the excitation conditions, one or several phonon wave packets can be emitted. Understanding the influence of phonon is crucial to find the optimal preparation scheme for quantum dots.
This paper appears as part of the 60th anniversary of the the journal Physica Status Solidi (B). Congratulations to the anniversary. The work was performed in collaboration with AG Axt from Bayreuth.

D. Reiter
| | Best Poster
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WEH-Seminar in Bad Honnef: Best Poster

From 17th to 19th March the 764. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar on „Photonic Quantum Technologies – A Revolution in Communication, Sensing, and Metrology“ took place at the Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef. At the poster session two posters were awarded best poster price: The poster of Thomas Bracht introducing the SUPER scheme (see also the news from december) and the poster of our collaborator Yusuf Karli of the Photonik group from University of Innsbruck on the experimental realization of the SUPER scheme. Congratulations!

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