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Ultrafast Optics in Nanostructured Solids

Welcome to the research group Reiter

Our research group studies the theoretical modelling of dynamics on ultra short time and length scales. An introduction to our research can be found here. My CV and further information can be found in the research portal of the WWU Münster.

We have several collaborations within the WWU Münster, in particular with the AG Kuhn and the AG Bratschitsch, and with other theoretical and experimental groups from all over the world, e.g., with Martin Axt from Bayreuth, Germany, Ortwin Hess from London, UK, Jacek Kasprzak from Grenoble, France and Pawel Machnikowski from Wroclaw, Poland.

We are always happy to talk about our work. If you are interested in a bachelor or master thesis in our group, please contact us via E-Mail and make an appointment.

Doris Reiter

New publication in 'Physical Review B' on quantum effects in plasmonic spheres

Phys. Rev. B 98, 165411 (2018)
© Alexandra Crai

The confinement of carriers in a nanoparticle results in a quantization of the energies. On the other hand also classical effects like plasmon resonances are observed in such particles. In this publication we study a few-electron system and shed new light on the formation of the plasmon. In particular, we discuss the optically induced dynamics and the impact of the Coulomb interaction, which leads to a mixing of the states and strongly modifies the dynamics.

The calculations were performed by Alexandra Crai from Ortwin Hess’ group at Imperial College London.

Read more in the publication ...

Doris Reiter

New publication in 'New Journal of Physics' on the interaction of Archimedean Spirals with Twisted Light

New J. Phys. 20, 095005 (2018)
© Richard Kerber

In addition to the polarization light can carry an orbital angular moment, which manifests itself is a helical wave front. At the beam axis such twisted light possesses a vortex and is thus also called vortex light. When the twisted light interacts with matter, unusual effects which are not visible for plane wave excitation can be observed. An Archimedean spiral also possesses some sort of helicity. Using a micro-meter sized spiral it is possible to create vortex light. For a nano-meter sized spiral, the excitation with twisted light results in untypical resonances with fascinating radiation patterns. The publication discusses this novel effects resulting from the unique geometry of the Archimedean spiral.

The work was initiated by a visit from Jamie Fitzgerald from Vincenzo Giannini's group at Imperial College London in our group and was done in collaboration with Sang Soon Oh from Cardiff.

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Doris Reiter

Thomas Bracht finishes his bachelor's thesis

Optical excitation of bulk semiconductors
© Thomas Bracht

Congratulation to Thomas Bracht, who successfully finished his bachelor’s thesis. In his thesis Thomas studied the optical excitation of bulk semiconductors. He showed that the excitation with frequency modulated pulses results in a robust population of the electronic states. A focus of his work was on the impact of the Coulomb interaction on the optical state preparation and the excitation of excitons. In the upcoming term, Thomas will start his master’s studies and we wish him all the best for this!

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