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Ultrafast Optics in Nanostructured Solids

Welcome to the AG Reiter

Our research group studies the theoretical modelling of dynamics on ultra short time and length scales. An introduction to our research can be found here. My CV and further information can be found in the research portal of the WWU Münster.

We have several collaborations within the WWU Münster, in particular with the AG Kuhn and the AG Bratschitsch and with other theoretical and experimental groups all over the world, e.g., with Martin Axt from Bayreuth, Germany, Ortwin Hess from London, UK, Jacek Kasprzak from Grenoble, France, Paweł Machnikowski from Wrocław, Poland.

We are always happy to talk about our work. If you are interested in a bachelor or master thesis in our group, please contact us via email and make an appointment.
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Congratulations to Dr. Richard Kerber

PhD degree
© Richard Kerber

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Kerber to his PhD. Richard handed in his thesis „Numerical Study of the Interaction between Orbital Angular Momentum and Plasmonic Nanostructures“ last year and defended in January 2019. He will be awarded his PhD in the official ceremony on February 1st, 2019. During his PhD studies Richard has published three papers in high-ranked journals, performed research in London, gave tutorials, organized the PhD-student-seminar and much more. We wish Richard all the best for his future!

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New publication on nanophotonic control of optical signals stemming from atomically thin semiconductors

Phys. Rev. B 98, 245307 (2018)
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Atomically thin semiconductors like the transitions metal dichalcogenides interact strongly with light. Thereby not only linear signals like linear absorption emerge, but also nonlinear optical signals like higher harmonics are generated. To control the higher harmonic generation, one can use nanophotonic structures like cavities. To model and design such structures efficiently, we introduce a method which simultaneously solves Maxwell’s equations to describe the light field dynamics with the Bloch equations for the description on the carrier dynamics. With our method we calculate optimized structures for higher harmonic generation.

This work is a collaboration with Stefano Guazzotti and Ortwin Hess from Imperial College London as well as Andreas Pusch from UNSW Sydney.

Read more in the publication ...

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Happy holidays

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We look back on a great year 2018 with fascinating physics,
interesting publications and many successful theses.

We wish everybody a Merry Christmas
and a good start into the New Year!