What Is FIM?

FIM is a novel technique to acquire images from crawling animals such as Drosophila larvae. Bedside using external light sources, FIM utilizes frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) to illuminate the scene. As a result, the only bright objects in the images are the objects of interest.

FIM imaging has several advantages compared to incident or transmitted light setups. For example, the scene is not disturbed by light reflections. Furthermore, even semi transparent and small animals like Drosophila larvae or C. elegans can be recorded easily.

About This Website

Since FIM imaging can be used in a wide range of applications (e.g. tracking animals, measuring the growth of roots, etc.), this web site shall help other groups to construct, buy or use such a setup. Our research focus is the motion analysis of crawling Drosophila larvae. Thus we will introduce FIM and FIM-related software for tasks dealing with larval tracking. We've developed FIMTrack for high-throughput Drosophila larvae tracking for example. However the FIM setup can also be used other purposes.

What Is Tracking Anyway?

Tracking animals means to capture their movement and behavior. The resultant movement paths are the so called trajectories. Since different insects can move in different ways (i.e. crawling, flying), different techniques can be used to get images (e.g. video recording). On this website we focus on the all FIM related tracking topics.