PhD Christian Renggli
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PhD Christian Renggli
Swiss National Science Foundation Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellow
Room 105
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Research interests

My main research interest lies in applying experimental methods to understand high-temperature gas-solid reactions on Earth and other planetary bodies. I investigate the reaction of S-bearing gases with melts, glasses and rocks. This experimental work addresses fundamental questions of how chemical elements are mobilized and deposited in ore forming magmatic systems and in explosive volcanic eruptions, and also how surfaces of other S-rich planetary bodies, such as Mercury, are modified. Furthermore, I conduct experiments to investigate the transport of metals in volcanic gas, and how volatile elements (H, S, Cl, F and C) control the volatility, degassing behavior from silicate melts and deposition of trace metals.

• Gas-solid reactions at high temperatures in Earth and planetary systems
• Volcanic gas compositions and properties
• Metal transport in the gas phase
• Volatilization of metals
• Experimental petrology


2014 - 2018 PhD, Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
2011 - 2013 Master of Science in Geomaterials and Geochemistry, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany
2007 - 2010 Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland


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Conference abstracts

• Renggli C.J., Klemme S., Morlok A., Stojic A., Weber I., Hiesinger H. (2018) Experimental investigation of the alteration of the surface of Mercury by sulfur-rich high temperature gases. AGU Fall Meeting, abstract P31G-3776.
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Other Publications

• King P.L., Kirby R.S., Loiselle L.M., Pure L.R., Renggli C.J., 2015. Suggestions for applying for a Master's or PhD degree. Elements, 11 (1), February, 7-8.
• Renggli C.J., Armbruster T., 2011, Weinstein – ein besonderer Kristall. Schweizer Strahler, 27-30.