Dr. Christian Josef Renggli

Professur für Petrologie (Prof. Klemme)
Dr. Christian Josef Renggli

Corrensstr. 24, room 105
48149 Münster

T: +49 251 83-33452

Academic Profiles

  • Research Areas

    High-temperature gas-solid reactions in plenetary environments

    My research focuses on how high-temperature gas-rock interactions alter the surfaces, crusts, and the regolith of terrestrial planetary bodies. Direct sampling of volcanic or fumarolic gases in planetary environments is impossible, either because of extreme conditions such as on the Jupiter moon Io, or on Venus, or because volcanic activity has stopped billions of years ago, such as on the Moon or on Mercury. Experimental approaches are an important alternative to explore these processes in the laboratory and constrain planetary volatile budgets. I am currently funded through my DFG project “Gas-solid reactions in hot, reduced planetary environments” (project 442083018). In this project I study the behavior of S-rich volcanic and fumarolic gases at reducing conditions on the Moon and on Mercury.

    Sulfur on Mercury

    One of my current research interests is the question, what processes lead to the extreme enrichment of S on the surface of Mercury? I use silica glass tube experiments to investigate sulfidation processes under Mercury conditions that may be responsible for the enrichment of sulfur on the planets’ surface (up to 4 wt.%) (Weider et al., 2015; Mccoy et al., 2018; Nittler et al., 2018). By using graphite crucibles, gas-solid reactions can be conducted at reducing conditions that have been inferred for volcanic processes on Mercury. In an ongoing collaboration with the team of the ESA BepiColombo mid-infrared spectrometry instrument MERTIS (Mercury Radiometer and Thermal Infrared Spectrometer) at the Institut für Planetologie, Universität Münster, we use these experimental run products as reference materials for the observations expected from Mercury, allowing us to test the sulfidation hypothesis.

    Element volatilization

    An important research interest is in the speciation and volatilization behavior of chemical elements in volcanic gas phases (Renggli et al., 2017), and the volatilization from silicate melts. Within the framework of the SFB-TRR 170 “late accretion onto terrestrial planets” collaborative research center, funded by the German Research Foundation, I am an associate member and work with PhD candidates to study the effect of Cl and S on the volatilization of Zn, Cu and Ge, and the associated stable isotope fractionation. Additionally, we investigate the degassing and isotopic fraction of S and Te as a function of oxygen fugacity and temperature. Furthermore, we study the degassing of volatile and moderately volatile elements from metallic melts, to constrain their depletion in group IVB iron meteorites (Campbell and Humayun, 2005). These experiments will help us constrain the budget of late accreted materials and the earliest stages of planet formation.

  • CV


    PhD degree, Research School of Earth Sciences; Australian National University PhD Thesis: Volcanic gases and the reaction of sulfur dioxide with aluminosilicate glasses Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Penelope L. King; Advisors: Dr. Richard W. Henley, Dr. Marc Norman


    Researcher, PI of DFG project RE4601/1 “Gas-solid reactions in hot, reduced planetary environments”
    Postdoctoral researcher, TRR 170, Project B7 “Experimental and isotopic investigations of volatile element loss during magma degassing”, Institut für Mineralogie, Universität Münster
    Swiss National Science Foundation Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellow, P2SKP2_181367 “Metal degassing from basaltic melts”, Institut für Mineralogie, University Münster
    TRR 170 Fellowship, Institut für Mineralogie, University Münster
  • Projects

    • CRC TRR 170 - B07: Experimental and isotopic investigations of volatile element loss during magma degassing ()
      Subproject in DFG-Joint Project Hosted at the University of Münster: DFG - Collaborative Research Centre | Project Number: TRR 170/2
    • Gas-Feststoffreaktionen in heißen, reduzierenden planetaren Bedingungen ()
      Individual Granted Project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: RE 4601/1-1
  • Publications


    • Renggli, CJ; Klemme, S; Morlok, A; Berndt, J; Weber, I; Hiesinger, H; King, PL. . ‘Sulfides and hollows formed on Mercury’s surface by reactions with reducing S-rich gases.’ Earth and Planetary Science Letters 593: 117647. doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2022.117647.

    Complete List

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