Prof. Stephan Klemme, PhD

Professur für Petrologie (Prof. Klemme)
Prof. Stephan Klemme, PhD

Corrensstr. 24
48149 Münster

T: +49 251 83 33047

  • Research areas

    In order to advance our understanding of  igneous processes on Earth and the other terrestrial planets, we simulate the formation of igneous and metamorphic rocks in the laboratory. Such experimental simulation presents a particular challenge, as it involves the simultaneous application of pressure and temperature in chemically complex and highly reactive systems. In our laboratories we focus on investigations of the Earth's interior and we mainly work on processes in the Earth's upper mantle and crust.

    Experimental facilities located in our laboratory include apparatus designed to take natural and synthetic compositions to pressures and temperatures that are found in the Earth's crust and upper mantle. These facilities include end-loaded piston-cylinder apparatus (up to 4 GPa, 1800°C), a 1000t multi-anvil apparatus (up to 20 GPa, >2000°C), large volume box furnaces, and three vertical one atmosphere gas-mixing furnaces (1600°C). Further equipment in the high-pressure laboratories include several hydrothermal cold seal apparatus (0.4 GPa, 800°C) and numerous externally heated low-temperature autoclaves (200°C, <0.1 GPa). Associated auxiliary equipment includes welding apparatus, balances, polishing and cutting facilities, and several drying furnaces.

    Below some of the research topics we are addressing in our work:

    Phase relations in the Earth's upper mantle    

    • High-pressure high-temperature experiments to investigate melting relations in fertile and depleted mantle compositions
    • Thermodynamic modeling in realistic mantle compositions using free energy minimization techniques    Perplex materials
    • Redox effects on partial melting processes in the mantle

    Physics and Chemistry of Minerals and Materials

    • Thermodynamics of transition metal bearing oxides and silicates with applications to processes in the Earth's upper mantle
    • Phase transitions in minerals at low temperatures, magnetic ordering, thermodynamics

    Subduction zone processes and ore genesis

    • Trace element transfer during melting and dehydration of subducted oceanic crust
    • Mobility of refractory elements in melts and fluids (e.g. REE, Ti, Nb, Sn, Mo, W, etc) with applications to ore deposit formation in the crust. Some aspects of this research are part of the DFG SPP 2238 DOME
    • Experimental simulations of subduction zone prozesses
    • Genesis of carbonatites: Field work, experiments, and ore deposit modelling
    • Metal solubility and metal complexation in hydrothermal fluids with applications to ore deposit formation in the crust  (part of CMWS at DESY)

    Experimental Planetary Science

    • Experimental simulations of core formation
    • Modelling core formation on Earth, Moon, and the rocky planets
    • Experimental simulations of element fractionation during degassing of magmas
    • Experimental investigations on the origin of lunar basalts




  • Teaching

    • 2005-2007     Crystallography for Geologists
    • 2005-2007     Igneous Petrology           
    • 2005-2007     Mineral Behaviour
    • 2005-2007     Mineralogy
    • 2005-2007     Field trip to NW-Scotland (Assynt, Sutherland)
    • 2005-2007     Field trips in and around Edinburgh
    • 2005-2007     Field trip to Cyprus
    • seit 2008        Magmatische Petrologie
    • seit 2008        Theoretische Petrologie
    • seit 2008        Gesteinsbildende Minerale
    • seit 2008        Baumaterial der Erde
    • seit 2008        Exkursionen: Eifel, Zypern, Azoren
    • seit 2008        Einführung in die Petrologie
    • seit 2016        Lagerstättenkunde