Portrait Bärbel Tengen
© MEET/Lessmann

TENGEN, Bärbel

MEET - Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology
Corrensstraße 80
D-48149 Muenster


Position: Ph.D student

Division / Group: BACCARA

Topic of thesis: Interface design for (quasi-)solid-state Li-S batteries

  • Research Articles (Journals)

    • Tengen, Bärbel; Winkelmann, Timo; Ortlieb, Niklas; Perner, Verena; Studer, Gauthier; Winter, Martin; Esser, Birgit; Fischer, Anna; Bieker, Peter. . ‘Immobilizing Poly(vinylphenothiazine) in Ketjenblack-Based Electrodes to Access its Full Specific Capacity as Battery Electrode Material.’ Advanced Functional Materials 33, No. 9: 2210512. doi: 10.1002/adfm.202210512.

    • Kloeters, Laura N.; May, Lars; Tengen, Bärbel; May, Lea; Müller, Thomas J. J. . ‘Fluorescent phenothiazine-triazine donor-acceptor conjugates by facile consecutive nucleophilic displacement – Color tuning by substitution and protochromicity.’ Dyes and Pigments 206: 110564. doi: 10.1016/j.dyepig.2022.110564.