HÖRPEL, Dr. Gerhard

Director in retirement
Portrait Dr. Gerhard Hoerpel
Dr. Gerhard Hoerpel
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MEET - Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology
Corrensstraße 46
D-48149 Muenster

Position: Management

Brief biography

Gerhard Hörpel is co-founder of the MEET Battery Research Center at Münster University; as director he was responsible for technical and commercial affairs until his retirement in the summer of 2016.  Previously, Gerhard Hörpel developed the ceramic separator SEPARION at Evonik Industries and was responsible for its production and market launch. SEPARION is the pioneer product for Evonik’s lithium activities. Before that, he was involved in assignments in the fields of research, production, quality and business development both in Germany and abroad. His university education he completed in 1984 at the University of Mainz with a PhD in polymer chemistry.

Gerhard Hörpel has been involved in 40 patents, more than 25 scientific publications and a large number of more general ones. His efforts to improve lithium-ion materials have been recognized in the presentation of the Ruhr Area Innovation Award (2003) and the Degussa Innovation Award (2004) and in a nomination for the German President’s Award "Deutscher Zukunftspreis" (2007).