Science meets Industry

Cooperation with Industry

MEET offers its services not only to interested public organisations, but also to industry. Numerous companies from across the entire supply chain - from raw-material suppliers to end-users - are on board. There are ongoing joint projects and research partnerships with numerous large and medium-sized firms.

In addition, MEET carries out services such as analysis and measurement tasks. This gives small and medium-sized companies in particular the chance to draw on MEET’s infrastructure and know-how. The laboratory facilities include the modules: functional material synthesis, electrode and cell production, cell testing and electrical measurement technology.

What we offer you:

  • Ageing tests and post-mortem analysis of lithium-ion cells
  • Safety tests: assessment of the electrical, mechanical and thermal safety of cells
  • Analysis of battery materials (chemical, physical, electrochemical)
  • Advice on installing this technology in your company

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