Battery cells "Made in Germany”

© ARTVISU Artur Krause

Until now, it has been complex, cost-intensive and risky for companies to develop their own battery cells and produce them in large series. The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB located in Münster will overcome these challenges in the future. It provides knowledge and infrastructure where small and medium-sized companies, but also large companies and research institutions, can test and optimize the close-to-production manufacturing of new batteries. The aim is to support companies along the entire value cycle of the battery cell and thus ensure competitiveness on the international market.

The Fraunhofer FFB can produce a wide range of different types of batteries. Frequent changes to materials, machines and processes can also be made to optimize cell production processes. In addition to production, the focus is on the area of circular value creation, i.e. recycling and second life use of battery cells. With this comprehensive approach, battery cell research production will set standards throughout Europe.

Further information on Fraunhofer FFB can be found on the project website.