Poster Award for Dr. Simon Wiemers-Meyer

MEET researcher Dr. Simon Wiemers-Meyer and his colleagues convinced the poster award jury at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) Europe taking place at the end of January in Strasbourg, France. Their poster on "Revealing the Network of Reactions in Lithium Ion Batteries" won one of the three prizes.

The poster summarizes the results of many years of studies on chemical and electrochemical reactions in lithium-ion batteries that can significantly influence the characteristics of battery cells. In order to understand the complex interrelationships, the scientists combined different methods and looked at the battery cell in its single components as well as from a holistic perspective.

With the poster it was possible to demonstrate the high complexity of the reactions with manifold interactions. It has been demonstrated that this network of reactions is essential for understanding the influence of single components on the characteristics of a full battery cell.

(From left) Prof. Dr. Martin Winter (MEET), Dr. Simon Wiemers-Meyer (MEET) and Dr. Menahem Anderman