Poster award for MEET doctorand Roman Nölle

Researchers of the "Materials" Division of the MEET Battery Research Center are excited to receive an award at the German conference on batteries, Batterieforum Deutschland in Berlin in January 2019. PhD student Roman Nölle and fellow researchers Gerrit Overhoff, Dr. Vassilios Siozios, Prof. Dr. Martin Winter and Dr. Tobias Placke were awarded 2nd prize for their poster contribution on the investigation of various pre-lithiation processes for silicon/carbon electrodes.

On the poster entitled "Study of Pre-Lithiation Techniques for Silicon/Carbon Composite Electrodes" the group presented results on the pre-lithiation of silicon/carbon electrodes. Si/C anodes are considered to be one of the most promising anode materials of the near future for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries with increased energy density. However, the use of silicon-based anode materials leads to increased capacity losses compared to the standard graphite anode, especially during the first cycle. These losses can be compensated by the application of pre-lithiation processes and thus the energy density of battery cells with silicon-based anodes can be significantly increased.

Roman Nölle studied chemistry at the University of Münster and has been doing his doctorate since November 2016 in the Division "Materials" at the MEET Battery Research Center.

(From left) Dr. Joachim Kloock (BMBF), Dr. Vassilios Siozios (MEET), Roman Nölle (MEET), Burkhard Straube (KLiB), Prof. Dr. Martin Winter (MEET)
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