MEET presents at AABC Europe 2019 in Strasbourg

From 28 to 31 January the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) Europe took place - this year in Strasbourg (France). With posters, a symposium and an information stand, the MEET Battery Research Center showed with a strong presence the progress in Münster battery research.

About the background:

For 18 years, the AABC has been organizing events for the exchange and networking of top-class actors from research and development of energy storage systems for automotive. The visitors (around 1,000 in 2019) represent all segments of the value chain of a battery on its way to application in electro-mobility and beyond. At guided roundtables, for example on the topics of "Silicon Anodes and Cells" or "Cell Manufacturing", the participants discuss innovations, trends and potential. The AABC will not only bring together the experienced "long timers" of battery research: Young researchers are taking the opportunity to present their research results in posters or lectures, so that they can practice on the battery research scene.

For the MEET Battery Research Center, the AABC is a fixed date every year, always with significant participation in the program: Since 2006, Prof. Martin Winter, Scientific Director of MEET, has been leading and organizing the symposium on "Lithium Chemistries" at the conference. We invite you to visit us again at AABC Europe next year. In 2020, the meeting will take place in Wiesbaden, Germany from 12 to 16 January 2020.