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On this platform, our students and graduates can present their academic profiles and research projects to a wider audience. Currently, 20 first-year students are enrolled in the MA National & Transnational Studies, and 26 study in their second year.

Students who wish to create an entry are welcome to submit their drafts here.

  • First year students

    Oliver Reynolds is 27 and from Sheffield, UK. He completed his BA in Geography with International Study at the University of Manchester. His BA thesis focused on the British migrant experience in Singapore. Other interests include refugees, nationalism, identity, geopolitics and tourism.

    Alexis Allen holds a B.A. in Humanities from New College of Florida, the Honors College of Florida. Her undergraduate thesis, "The Erotic, Exotic Other: The Female Nonwhite Dancing Body and the White Male Gaze", examines the manifestation of power dynamics through various rituals of dance and performance. Her research interests include comparative literature, world literatures gender studies, critical theory, and visual cultures.

    Jennifer Janke completed her BA in Journalism at Hochschule Bremen and studied one semester abroad at Manipal University, India. As a freelance filmmaker, she has dealt with different topics concerning migration and integration. Her focus is on Literary and Cultural Studies and she has a particular interest in the news media.

    Micah Lambert earned her BA in Creative Writing and German from Pepperdine University in California. She is now pursuing her interests in migration, transnational literature, and cultural identity via the NTS program. She hopes to work in the field of radio/podcast production one day as a story-writer.

  • Second year students

    Anne Laura Penning is in her second year of the MA program National and Transnational Studies at Münster University, with a focus on Literary and Cultural Studies. In 2017, she completed her BA in Comparative Linguistics, Literary Studies and Translation (languages: English, French and German) at Saarland University in Saarbrücken. Her semester abroad at Brock University in St. Catharines, Canada strongly influenced her research interest in Gender and Queer Studies, transnationalism and identity politics. She is currently working as a student tutor for BA students at the English department.

    Can Çakır studied political science and public administration in French and English at Marmara University, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lyon and Universitat Pompeu Fabra. At the moment, he’s continuing his second Master of Arts in the NTS program. The working title of his thesis is "Ideology Representation in American Sci-Fi Literature: A Comparative Study of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and The Dispossessed". His research interests include: Marxism, nationalism, political philosophy, history of political thought, fantasy and science fiction literature, and sociology of music, among others.
    Aaron Wu is from NYC. He completed his bachelor studies in rhetoric communication and organizational structure at State university of New York at Albany.

    Johanna Mack is from Lünen, Germany. She studied Applied Literary and Cultural Studies, Journalism and French at Technische Universität Dortmund and Ruhr Universität Bochum. She studied one semester at University of Worcester in UK. Other experiences abroad include Summer Schools in India and Cambodia and journalistic research trips to Kiev and Jordan. Johanna works as an editor for the local newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten and for the online magazine on developments in journalism, European Journalism Observatory. She is a second year student and focuses on Literary Studies.

    Laima Rudusa, born in Latvia. BA in Art History (with minors in Arts Administration and Studio Art) from Simmons College, Boston, USA. Previous work experience: Gallery Assistant at Trustman Art Gallery, Simmons College and at the MIT List Visual Arts Centre. Artist's assistant for Phyllis Ewen, Brickbottom Studios, Somerville, USA. Development Intern and later Director's Assistant at GALERIE8 in London. Curatorial Assistant at Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia. Project Manager, kim? Contemporary Art Space. Research interests: art activism, social engagement through the arts internationally.

    Allison McDaniel is an American student from Mississippi. She graduated summa cum laude and now holds a BA in Sociology with minors in both English and German from the University of Southern Mississippi (2014-2016). Within her university’s Honors program, she has had the opportunity to study abroad in Jamaica, London, and Vienna. Now enrolled in National and Transnational Studies, she aims to reign her focus more on aspects of culture. Her interests include gender, cultural norms/deviance, and forms of verbal/nonverbal communication. Particularly, she may wish to study how these intersect with transnational hobbies such as videogames.

    Odukwu Umachiyam Amehka is a Nigerian and studied Education Management during her bachelor program. Now enrolled in the MA NTS program, Odukwu hopes to understand the concept of cultural identity in a globalized world including the effects of culture contact.

    Octavio X. Perez is in his second year of the MA National and Transnational Studies program. In 2017, he received a BA in Liberal Studies Elementary Education from Humboldt State University in California with concentrations in Music and Language Studies.

    Yasmina Talhaui is from Dortmund, Germany. She completed her BA in English Philology and Communication Science at the University of Münster, Germany (2014-2017) and is currently in her second year of the MA National and Transnational Studies, focusing on Literary and Cultural Studies.

    Ryan Ivers was born in Syracuse, New York. He graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego in December 2016, Cum Laude, with a double major in “Communication and Social Interaction” and “Creative Writing.” At Oswego he won two Dean’s Writing Prizes, and led the writing of a paper which was presented at the 2016 Eastern Communication Association Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Inspired by a wonderful study-abroad experience at Universität Würzburg, he enrolled in the Master Program “National and Transnational Studies” at Universität Münster. His research interests (so far) include the ongoing refugee crises, the effects of political rhetoric and communication on both the national and international level, post-colonial societies and diasporic communities, and literature as a vehicle for intercultural awareness and appreciation. Between completion of his bachelors and enrollment in the NTS program, he worked as a Communication Consultant at a non-profit coalition in Syracuse which assisted refugees, advocated for equitable public policy, and raised awareness for social justice issues.

  • Alumni

    NTS AlumNet: Forum for MA NTS Graduates

    During the 10-year NTS celebrations, WWU Rector Johannes Wessels launched the NTS AlumNet. We are pleased to confirm that the NTS AlumNet has been installed successfully and is up and running. It is a forum which will help you to maintain and establish contacts with former MA NTS students; post and browse job offers; plus, of course, exchange ideas. While the platform is managed by the NTS team, it is hosted externally in the vBulletin cloud. This means that vBulletin will store information about NTS AlumNet members on their servers.

    We look forward to catching up with you on the NTS AlumNet!

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    Alumni Profiles

    Whilst the MA has been going since 2006, the “student” page was launched in its current form only in 2016. Our list of Alumni profiles is not comprehensive, therefore, but will expand as current students graduate.

    Maryna Kostyk
    I graduated in the summer of 2017. I came to Münster from Ukraine, where I majored in the English language and literature. In the NTS program, I decided to focus on Cultural and Literary Studies. This consequently led to me writing a thesis titled "American Life through German Lenses: A Transnational Reading into the Vlogosphere." I truly enjoyed having a good choice of courses in each module, as well as a possibility to take classes from other university departments in the external module. In my case, it was the Language Center where I studied advanced German and the Faculty of Social Sciences where I took a course on Globalization. The two years I spent in Münster were certainly the best of all my student years. In addition to participating in a well-rounded academic program, I had a chance to get an unforgettable experience as part of an international NTS team.

    Theresa Krampe
    During my two years in the NTS program, I greatly benefited from the program's interdisciplinary and international orientation. With students from very diverse cultural and academic backgrounds contributing their individual perspectives, class discussions were particularly enriching. The broad scope of the program may seem a little overwhelming at first but also allows students to branch out into other disciplines and pursue their very own research interests. In my case, this resulted in a complete change in direction: I ended up researching- and of course playing- video games for my MA thesis. Münster being a small town, it does not offer the glamour or cultural scene of, say, Berlin or Munich. But I feel at home here, which is why I am happy to stay a little longer as a lecturer (Wiss. Mitarbeiterin) affiliated to the Chair of English, Postcolonial and Media Studies

    Courtney Moffett-Bateau
    MA thesis: "Black Beauty Aesthetics: Combating American Beauty Constructions of the Past With Art of the Present"

    Jessica Sanfilippo Schulz
    M.A. thesis: "Judging a Book by its Author: Publishers’ Strategies of Representing Biographical Details of Third Culture Authors"

  • MA theses

    The following MA theses were completed here:

    Attitudes of Russians towards varieties of English

    White appropriation of Jamaican Creole in reggae music

    Language Choice in Social Media Marketing in Hong Kong and the Perception of Brands and Products

    Attitudes towards Chinese, English and Pinyin in Chinese Advertisements

    Comparative attitudinal study of colloquial Singapore English among citizens and non-citizen residents

    British South Asian Film and the construction of Home and Belonging

    Interpretations of the Third Space and Hybridity in the Short Stories of Jhumpa Lahiri

    The Slave Mother and the American Nation - Harriet Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and Toni Morrison's Beloved
    The Doubling, Dividing and Interchanging of the Self in James Cameron's ''Avatar''
    Security and freedom - negotiating national belonging? The 2009 elections in Germany

    Poetic politics: May Ayim and Linton Kwesi Johnson challenging the racially exclusive nation
    Narrating the Kanaka Maoli Self - Neo-Coloniality, Subalternity, and Indigenous Historiography in Contemporary Hawai!
    Weder Mexikanisch noch Amerikanisch: Stereotypische Darstellungen von Chicana-Frauen in Amerikanischen main-stream Filmen.
    Cultural Aspects of Nation-building and National Identity in Vanuatu
    (M)Other and Militant, Munition and Make-up: Discursive Constructions of the Female LTTE Militant Figure
    Black Beauty Aesthetics: Combating American Beauty Constructions of the Past With Art of the Present
    Sojourn Heroism - Identity Negotiation in the Memoirs of Two Former Peace Corps China Volunteers
    Representations of Study Abroad in Film: A Psychological Perspective
    Your Dream, My Nightmare: Buchi Emecheta's The Rape of Shavi and Ben Okri's Astoristing the Gods as Postcolonial Utopias

    National Identity, Literature, and Collective Transgenerational Trauma in Chechen History
    Self, Identity and Hispanic Youth in U. S. Public Schools

    Negotiation of Cultural and National Identity: The Role of Carnival in the Work of Espinet and Lovelace

    Conviviality in the Postcolony: A Case of Three African Novels

    Voicing Integration: A Comparative Qualitative Study of the (Self-)Perception of Integration among FörderschülerInnen and in German Government Representations

    Sudanese British Fiction in Transition: Postcolonial Re-Inventions of Home and Abroad in the Works of Tayeb Salih and Leila Aboulela

    Mediating the Rugby Nation: The Construction of New Zealand's National Identity in Newspaper Coverage.

    Digital Diaspora - New Media and the (Re-)Making of a Palestinian Homeland

    Voices of the Authors: The Empowering Potential of Urban Fiction

    Judging a Book by its Author: Publishers´ Strategies of Representing Biographical Details of Third Culture Authors

    Images of Germany: Personal Experience Accounts from American Residents

    Contested Politics of Ethnic Identity: The Tamang in Nepal

    Urban Encounters from a Migrant Perspective: The Flaneur in Teju Cole's Open City.

    Imagining Communities During the American Civil War: The Represenation of the Draft Riots in the New York Times

    Immigration Rhetoric in the Public Controversy Surrounding AZ S.B. 1070

    A comparative analysis of daughter-mother relations in transnational adoptee literature: "Airports", "flights" and "open spaces" in Korean adoptee life writing

    Negotiating the German - American Experience: Cultural Hybridity in the novels The Master Butchers singing Club by Louise Erdrich and The Vision of Emmy Blau by Ursula Hegi

    From "Yellow Peril" to "Model Minority"

    Ghosts of the Haunted Past? Native American Gothic Features in Select Novels by Louise Erdrich

    Identity Formation in Contemporary Iranian-American Diasporic Novels

    Women Writing Men. The construction of Black Masculinity through Black male focalizers by Black Canadian women writers

    Tutejsas'c' as the Third Space of Belarusian National Identity: A Postcolonial Reading of the "Here" in Narratives of Belarusian National Identification

    The Media Coverage on Female Marriage Migrants from Southeast Asia in Taiwan and Germany - A Comparative Analysis.

    Second Language Acquisition by Iranian Transmigrants in the UK

    Queering the Irish in Breakfast on Pluto

    'Chicana' Identity in Jaime Hernandez' Love and Rockets. Comparing Race, Sexuality and Class in the Comic Series to Chicana Feminist Discourse

    Migration Museum and the Nation-State: Germany's Loss or Gain?
    The Straight Mestiza: Women in post-Anzaldua Chicana Literature

    Xenophobia under the Rainbow - Migrants in Post-Apartheid South African Fiction

    The Notion of Home and Belonging of the Contemporary African Diasporic Writing in the USA: Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie and the Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears by Dinaw Mengestu

    Diasporic Constructions in Queer Film

    And here, in fact, we are: Blank space in contemporary cartographic and archival practices.
    Taking a Transnational Perspective: Visual Tropes and Visual Rhetoric in Shaun Tan's Picture Books The Rabbits, The Lost Thing and The Arrival

    Conceptions of Indigeneity in Thomas King's work

    Monstrosity in Search of Humanity: Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Popular Adaptions, and the Ambiguity of Islamic Fundamentalism in Post-9/11 Representation

    Ukraine's National Identity in the Media. Representations of Ukraine Before and After the 2014 Presidential Elections

    Racial Melancholia in Asian American Literature

    Advocating Indigenous Self-Determination: Reading Larissa Behrendt's Home
    From East to West: Transnational Migration in Jhumpa Lahiri's short stories

    OFNEO-MUSLIMS AND DRAMAQUEENS: Staging Female German-Turkish Identities In Feridun Zaimoglu's And Günter Senkel's Schwarze Jungfrauen (2006)

    Manipulation of the Linguistic Form and Orientalist Discourse in Arthur Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha

    Documenting American Life: Walker Evans's Photography for the Farm Security Administration

    From Uncompleted Passage to Endless Transition: A Fictionalization of Benjamin's Concept of History in Anna Seghers's Transit

    My(Self) between Dos Lenguas: Code-switching and the Dominican-American "I" in Julia Álvarez's How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, Angie Cruz's Soledad and Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

    Attitudes of Armenian and German students towards Native and Non-Native Varieties of English