Sound Installation


The final performance project reflects various consequences of the Corona pandemic. Most importantly, it is set to commemorate the victims of the pandemic and provide comfort to their loved ones. The Mozart Requiem was also chosen because of the cirumstances of Mozart’s own death: he died in December 1791 of a feverish illness and left his work incomplete. Despite this, it stands as one of the most enduring pieces for Choral Repertoire in the entire canon, and we trust that the music will shine through in even these unusual circumstances.

The idea is to place small loudspeakers on the grounds of one of the many large churches in Münster. The audience can either walk through the sound installation and listen to individuals or stand in the back of the venue to get a concert-like impression of the Requiem. This setup is fit to follow all current Covid-regulations as spectators simply walk through the sound installation and can keep distance to one another but still share a moment of a joint musical experience.

If you wish to reproduce this soundinstallation at your university/ in your city, please send an Email to

Setup of the Sound Installation
Setup of the Sound Installation
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