Welcome to "Mozart - The Sound of Distant Presence"!

International musical & educational project based in Münster, Germany

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The sound installation for the international teaching and concert project was opened on Tuesday, March 16th - on the anniversary of the pandemic lockdown in Germany - in the Liebfrauen-Überwasserkirche in Münster and again on Saturday, March 20th. Additional visiting hours due to overwhelming interest were possible on March 19th, 22nd and 23rd!

On the national day of remembrance for the victims of the Corona pandemic, "Mozart - The Sound of Distant Presence" was opened for a second time. This set-up is primarily intended as a thank you to all UKM employees and will take place on Sunday, April 18th, and - originally planned but cancelled due to corona restrictions - Monday, April 19th, both from 9am-19pm in the hospital church "Maria Heil der Kranken"!

Another opening of the sound installation is happening from 20 - 22.05. in the St. Martini Church.


In Short:

March 16th-23rd: Liebfrauen-Überwasserkirche, Überwasserkirchplatz 4, Münster

April 18th-19th: UKM Clinic Church "Mary, Salvation of the Sick", Waldeyerstr. 14, Münster

May 20th-22nd: St. Martini-Church, Martinistr. 6, Münster


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