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Dr. Vicente Fenoll
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Workshop on automated methods of content analysis - Spanish Professor Vicente Fenoll visits IfK

(02.05.2019) Online social networks and online news offer the opportunity to access large text corpora. Automated text analysis makes it possible to analyze large amounts of data efficiently. In a guest workshop on the 7th and 9th of May, Professor Vicente Fenoll (University of Valencia, Spain) will give an introduction to automated methods of content analysis.

Firstly, he shows how to find out which words are used most frequently in texts, e.g. in media coverage or in election campaigns on social networks. Secondly, he explains how to create, validate and use dictionaries for automated analysis of large text corpora.

Vicente Fenoll is a lecturer at the University of Valencia and a journalist for "À Punt", a public television channel in Valencia. His areas of research include social networks and political communication. He is part of the MEDIAFLOWS research group. As part of the Erasmus+ exchange program for lecturers, he will be a guest at the IfK for one week at the invitation of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Annie Waldherr. The workshop "Software for quantitative content analysis: word counting and dictionary creation with WordStat" (in German) will take place on Tuesday, the 7th of May, from 9.00-12.30 and on Thursday, the 9th of May, from 12.15-15.45 as part of the project seminar "Social Media Hypes" by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Annie Waldherr. A few places are still available for those who are interested in taking part. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to: annie.waldherr@uni-muenster.de

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