Health Communciation with regards to Male Infertility: Pilot study

Duration: 01.10.2022-28.02.2023

Project team: Prof. Dr. Julia Metag, Lena Zils M.A., Meret Laser B.Sc.

Funding: Clinical Research Unit „Male Germ Cells: From Genes to Function”


As part of the initiative Reproduction.MS, scientist of the University, the University Medical Centre and the Max Planck Institut of Münster along with the RWTH Aachen University examine male infertility thoroughly from a reproductive medical point of view. Our research team “Forms and Processes of Public Communication” complements the initiative by adding a communication science perspective aiming to analyze the health communication with regards to male infertility in order to improve patient care and the communication process. By carrying out in-depth interviews, tracking the patient’s informational behavior and conducting a content analysis of online sources concerning male infertility, we want to understand how affected couples seek and receive information throughout the internet and what pitfalls they face by doing so. With our pilot study, we want to lay the groundwork for the requested collaborative research centre „Principles of Reproduction — Unravelling the Molecular Mechanisms of Male Infertility”.