ORGANIZATIONAL Information Security

In order to protect work-related and personal information in digital and analog formats, there are some simple organizational information security measures that are part of everyday work and study life. Please always follow these measures, regardless of whether you are an employee or a student, whether you work at the university or at a remote work location:

  • Always lock your PC when you step away from it, especially when you leave the room. On Windows computers, lock the screen with the Windows key and L key combination.
  • Always lock your office when you leave the room.
  • Never leave confidential documents open on your desk. Ensure secure transportation and storage of official documents, also at the remote work location.
  • Never leave mobile devices accessible in public spaces. Always lock the screen when you are not working and cover the screen with a privacy film to prevent unauthorized insights.
  • If possible, do not have work-related conversations in public spaces.
  • Executives need to establish and implement a regulated and structured onboarding and offboarding process for employees. This includes
    • granting or withdrawing access rights,
    • communicating regulations and training offers, and
    • the definition of and information about responsible contact partners (e.g. IVVs).
Lock Your PC
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