Blackmail, Blocking & Loss of Data

Loss of data or blocked access to them can be a consequence of malware infections. If this is followed by an blackmail with large financial demands for the release of the data, the attack is a so-called ransomware attack. If this happens, do not ever pay the demanded amount of money! Even though it is possible that you will get your data back after paying the ransom, there is no such guarantee, especially not that you will get your data back completely and intact. Moreover, such payment supports the criminals. You can find out who to contact in such a case under contact details.

In addition to the limitations on the availability of data, such attacks can also endanger the integrity and confidentiality of the data. For example, information may be unintentionally modified and/or published. This can have enormous consequences, especially in the scientific field.

In order to protect yourself against such situations in a preventive manner, it is absolutely essential that backups of data are made on a regular basis. Make a copy of your files on a regular basis so that in the event of an emergency caused by a virus attack (e.g. encryption Trojan), a PC hardware defect, theft or accidental deletion, your files are not irreparably lost. For more tips on creating backup copies of your data, see backups.

In addition, data should always only be stored at designated workstations and in network folders of the University of Münster. For more information on the secure storage of data, please refer to tips for storing information.