Excel VBA II: Organizing Data From Different Sources

Content: Students will learn how to use VBA to search and list directories for specific file types, how to organize data selection, and how to import specific columns or cell ranges from files, reassemble them, and then save or export them again. The course introduces the possibilities of importing data from Excel worksheets or text files (CSV files). The workbooks can also differ structurally. Whether a collective file or a selection file from different data sets is to be created, Excel offers many possibilities to solve such problems individually. In this course you will learn how to transfer data directly into tables using remote references and how to import data from Excel and text files with different separators. Access to tables on the Internet, data selection and updating is introduced using the Microsoft Query Assistant. You will also learn how to display tables of contents of file folders in the spreadsheet and how to access an Excel worksheet to extract individual columns.

Target Group: students  who are familiar in the contents of the Excel VBA I course (attendance of the course is not required)

Program Version: Microsoft Excel 2019

Course Material: The course material will be provided by the lecturer in time for the course date.

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