Introduction to MariaDB/MySQL

Content: MySQL is the most widely used database system in the open source scene. The combination of Linux as operating system, Apache as web server, MySQL as database system and Perl/PHP/Python as script languages has meanwhile established itself under the acronym "LAMP" as a cost-effective overall solution for the creation of dynamic websites. In this lecture we will work with the offshoot MariaDB, which is gradually becoming the new standard in common Linux distributions. At first, the general basics of programming relational databases are covered. An important topic is the normalization of database schemata. The focus of the lecture is the introduction to the database language SQL. SQL commands are used to create database objects, store and query data and tables, and manage access rights. Backup and reliability are also covered. Simple database queries in the Perl script language and the presentation of the web administration interface phpMyAdmin complete the lecture. By working on their own test databases in the computer lab, the participants can follow the examples presented in the lecture and solve exercises. Since the required software is freely available for all common operating systems, the PC at home can also be used for practicing.

Target Group: students, employees without previous knowledge