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New Service for Video Communication: WWUzoom

In order to meet the increasing demand for reliable video communication solutions for scenarios with many participants, Münster University has acquired a campus license for Zoom Meeting for an initial period of 12 months. As an established provider, Zoom is known for its particularly user-friendly and stable software and is therefore already used by many universities, schools and other organisations. The service can be used with different devices (PC, smartphone, telephone) and offers many additional features such as screen sharing, which allows for example to share presentations, and an integrated chat.

The campus license allows all members of Münster University, including students, to create virtual meeting rooms for up to 300 participants. In addition, Münster University has several licenses for meetings with up to 500 participants. Participation in meetings is of course also possible for external participants. The service is still being configured and will soon be available free of charge to all Münster University members after a one-time registration with the university e-mail address.

Zoom is a cloud solution, i.e. the software is operated by the provider. However, Münster University has concluded a contract for commissioned data processing with this provider which has been thoroughly assessed by the Data Protection Commissioner. This ensures that the strict data protection regulations of the GDPR are complied with. In addition, the WWU IT administrators will make appropriate settings which further increase the software's level of data protection compared with the standard settings.

You can find further information on our WWUzoom webpage.