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LinkedIn group for the participants of summer school

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Stay in touch with other summer school participants through our LinkedIn-group.

This group is mainly for exchanging ideas between the three institutions and can become a networking space throughout the whole year. We will occasionally post about overarching events, but you can also take the opportunity to use this international network for your research 🚀 #networking

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European Doctoral Summer School 2022

This year's Summer School takes place virtually June 20-23 and the theme is "Curriculum for Life? Unpacking the story of your (research) life."

Take a look at our super exciting  Summer School 2022 programme  and register for our interactive sessions here from 19 April at 7pm until 25 May at 9am. We look forward to seeing you in June!

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European Doctoral Summer School 2021

A new edition of the annual European Doctoral Summer School took place virtually June 14-17, 2021. Focussing on the positive lessons learnt from the pandemic, what we know is that now more than ever there is a need for researchers to communicate, collaborate, to be creative and to have the confidence and self belief to proceed when plans and circumstances change. In this context, the theme for the 2021 European Doctoral Summer School was "Growth: personal, professional and in practice". Working with colleagues from different institutions, culture and values, the sessions enabled the participants to consider how to maximise their strengths, skills, career prospects and self confidence in the context of change.

Summer School 2021 Programme

European Doctoral Summer School 2020

The 2020 European Doctoral Summer School took place online. We aimed to give participants the opportunity to dip in and out of four training sessions from the comfort of their own home. The sessions were short, sharp and streamlined to help the participants to digest the content and have time to reflect on their learning. The programme had been designed to support the participants during the time of paradigmatic and social change.

Taken as a package the programme provided an opportunity to develop and enhance presentation and communication skills, which are so important now that we are all holding meetings online. It considered the participants' skill set and how it appeals to employers and funders in this changing environment and supported their future career transitions by developping a CV.

8-11 July 2019, York, UK
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European Doctoral Summer School 2019

The European Doctoral Summer School in Professional Development has been deliberately designed to maximise the opportunity for doctoral candidates to get to know each other and to engage in workshops where there will be tangible outcomes for each participant. The focus in 2019 was on developing skills of networking, communication and profile development with a view to presenting the best possible version of oneself to funders, employers and industry.

We are so proud of fifteen participating doctoral candidates, who approached pitching, career and entrepreneurship sessions with enormous enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose. They were brilliant pitching their research in a 3MT style competition on the last day, with our Giulia Marchetti winning the Panel’s Choice Award with her persuasive yet humor-filled speech about 'how microalgae can save us from the end of the world.' Another real treat: all delegates met the Lord Mayor of York and Sheriff of York at the Mansion House!

July 2018, Münster, Germany
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European Doctoral Summer School 2018

The first European Doctoral Summer School run by the Universities of Maastricht, Münster and York took place in June 2018 in Münster, Germany. Fourteen engaged doctoral candidates had the opportunity to take part in workshops, enjoy a vast cultural programme and to network. New friends were made and the foundation for the annual summer schools was laid!