Office hours

 Prof. Dr. Heike Bungert

Office hours during summer term 2020

Wed 12:00 - 13:00

Application for the digital/phone consultation-hour via email to Annalena Feldhaus.

Certificates to be signed by Prof. Bungert can be submitted to Annalena Feldhaus (room 218 f/third floor, Fürstenberghaus). Certificates can also be collected there.

Requests for supervision of Bachelor and Master theses should be made during office hours.
After a discussion of the possible topic, it is necessary to prepare an exposé (similar to the later introduction), which should be sent to me 5 days before the next meeting.

Dr. Jana Weiß

Office hours during summer term 2020

Additional appointments possible, please agree via email.

Dr. Sandra Kraft

Dr. Kraft will be on parental leave until 30 March 2020.