Lectures and Seminars

I teach Wayfinding and Navigation and Spatial Cognition courses.

My classes are highly interdisciplinary: I teach basic theories of Spatial Cognition and Cognitive Science by demonstrating how they are, or could be, applied by designers of buildings, cities, and spatial technologies.

I also lead the Graduate School of Geoinformatics - our structured PhD programme across all research labs of the Institute.

  • Summer Semester 2024

    Spatial Cognition

    Seminar | 5 ECTS | LSF | Learnweb

    Geoinformatics Forum Discussion Group

    Seminar | 1 ECTS | LSF | Learnweb

    Core Topics in Geoinformatics

    Lecture | 5 ECTS | LSF | Learnweb

  • Winter Semester 2023/24

    Wayfinding & Navigation

    Seminar | 5 ECTS | LSF | Learnweb