How to write a good MSc thesis at SPARC

A good thesis is dense with content, clearly structured, and reproducible. For this reason, I recommend submitting your thesis in the format of a journal article. This saves you some writing but forces you to be precise and concise. Specific requirements in this thesis format are:

  • Formatted according to the guidelines of the Journal of Enviornmental Psychology (if your thesis contains an experiment with human participants), International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (if it focuses on evaluating the usability of some user-centred technology), or Environment and Planning B (if it focuses on developing new environmental metrics).
  • All data collected from your study is published online (on GitHub, GitLab, or Open Science Framework), kept tidy, in open file format (such as .csv), and described in a README (what each column means, were there any outliers excluded from the analyses, what other researchers need to know in order to re-use your data).
  • All material used to generate the experiment (e.g., questionnaires, apps, VR environments, videos, and other stimuli shown to participant) is published online together with the data.
  • The oral defense of your thesis must take place one month prior to the submission deadline or later. If your research includes an experiment with human participants, you must complete all data collection and statistical analyses before your defense. While your thesis may be in draft form at the time of defense, it is essential that the key findings are established and that all data and materials are accessible in an online appendix. If there is no institute-wide defense date that meets these requirements, please contact me to arrange an individual defense date.

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