Team of the ERC WayTo Project:

Principle Investigator

Prof. Dr. Angela Schwering

Institut für Geoinformatik

Angela Schwering is a professor at the Univeristy of Muenster heading the Spatial Intelligence Lab research group. She has a background in geoinformatics, artificial intelligence and cognitive science.  She is the principal investigator of this project who will focus on the geoinformatics aspect.



Dr. Jakub Krukar

Institut für Geoinformatik

Jakub Krukar is a cognitive psychologist who completed his PhD at the Department of Architecture at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK. He is interested in linking formal descriptions of space with human behaviour and cognition. He works as a Postdoc at the Spatial Intelligence Lab.


Dr. Wiebke Schick

Institut für Geoinformatik

Wiebke Schick is a cognitive neuroscientist who completed her PhD at the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience/ International Max Planck Research School, University Tübingen (Cognitive Neuroscience), Germany. She is interested in the effect of regional description in wayfinding. Wiebke works as a Postdoc at the Spatial Intelligence Lab.

Wiebkeschick01 Autoadjust

Heinrich Löwen

Institut für Geoinformatik

Heinrich Löwen is a PhD student who is interested in human cognition and in computational means to generate and convey orientation information.


Marcelo de Lima Galvao

Institut für Geoinformatik

Marcelo de Lima Galvao is a PhD candidate and a research associate in the Way-TO project. With a BSc in Computer Science and a MSC in Geospatial Technology as background, he is interested in algorithms for the automatic transformation of geographic information into schematic or sketched visualizations.


BSc / MSc Students:

Katharina Hovestadt

Katharina is supporting the experiments with our driving simulator, helping with the setup and testing subjects.

Cornelia Zygar

Cornelia is supporting the experiments with our driving simulator, helping with the setup and testing subjects.

Former WayTo Researchers (in the DFG Project):

Prof. Dr. Stefan Münzer

Lehrstuhl für Bildungspsychologie

Stefan Münzer is a professor at the University of Mannheim and chair of the Psychology of Education. Some of his research focus includes empirical learning and instruction research, knowledge acquisition, and computer-mediated communication. He is the principal investigator who will focus on the psychological aspect.

Stefanm _nzer2

Vanessa Joy Anacta

Institut für Geoinformatik

Joy is a PhD student in the WayTo project at the University of Muenster. She is working on the empirical investigation of orientation information in human wayfinding description, visually and verbally.


Dr. Julia Frankenstein

Lehrstuhl für Bildungspsychologie

Julia Frankenstein is a psychologist who was working at Mannheim University. Her research focusses on human spatial representations, spatial navigation and orientation strategies. Furthermore, with her background as an occupational therapist, she is interested in human motor learning, art and music.


Lucas Lörsch

Lehrstuhl für Bildungspsychologie

Lucas Lörch received a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Mannheim. His research interests are visual information processing, working memory and spatial thinking. As a PhD student he now explores the effects of different types of orientation information on the development of cognitive maps and on wayfinding performance.


Stefan Fuest

Institut für Geoinformatik

Stefan Fuest is a Masters student who has already worked on his bachelors thesis related to orientation wayfinding. He will continue with this topic and assist on experiments related to the WayTo project.


Lukas Seiling

Lehrstuhl für Bildungspsychologie

Lukas Seiling is a Bachelors student studying psychology at Mannheim University, supporting the research project. His tasks involve basic coding and modelling of virtual environments in Unity.


Associated Researchers:

Dr. Rui Li

Department of Geography & Planning

Rui Li is an assistant professor at the University of Albany. His research interests include spatial cognition, wayfinding and navigation. He was a post-doctoral researcher during the WayTO project development and he maintains his collaboration with the team.