You should study Geoinformatics in Münster when...

  • your studies focus on geoinformatics and geographic information science, a field that develops and extends geographic information systems in the widest possible sense,
  • you have a bachelor degree in geoinformatics or a geographic information science related field (including information systems and computer science),
  • you want to receive your education at one of the leading geoinformatics institutes world-wide,
  • you want to learn scientific methods in a practice-oriented way, with close links to running research projects,
  • you enjoy an English study program, embedded in an international learning environment of international students and teachers,
  • you want to live in one of the most liveable cities world-wide (Münster won the LivCom award 2004),
  • you enjoy studying in a city with a university that has 40000 students studying in a wide range of about 120 disciplines, and that offers a vivid and colorful environment,
  • you want to be among a small number of selected students, and like a study that has many intereactions with teachers and researchers at the institute.

Unique selling points of the Geoinformatics Masters Program are

  • taught entirely in English
  • based on a Bachelors degree in Geoinformatics, or a similar program
  • emphasis on Geoinformatics and geospatial information science instead of focussing on geographic information systems.

Graduates of this study program will continue in having a competitive advantage in the job market.