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Institute for Geoinformatics at the University of Münster

Geoinformatics is the science of modelling spatio-temporal processes computationally. The Institute of Geoinformatics in Münster provides bachelor, master and phd degrees in geoinformatics. Our research areas are modelling spatio-temporal processes, semantic interoperability, spatial assistance systems, cognitive engineering and sensor networks.

Geoinformatics project recognized for open data and innovation

Stifterverband awards "Open Data Impact Award" 2022 / First prize goes to the "OpenSenseMap" project

For the third time, the Stifterverband has awarded a prize to projects that strengthen the potential of open research data ("open data") for innovation and society. The first prize, endowed with 15,000 euros, goes to the "OpenSenseMap" project headed by Prof. Dr. Angela Schwering from the Institute of Geoinformatics at the Westphalian Wilhelms University (WWU) Münster. Together with her colleagues Dr. Thomas Bartoschek, Mario Pesch and Matthias Pfeil, she accepted the award at a ceremony in Berlin on November 7. "The award illustrates how important it is to make data available to the public in addition to researching one's own scientific questions. This enables others to follow up on the research results and, perhaps more importantly, to explore their own problems by re-using the data," explained Angela Schwering. The prize money will help the team in the future to check and improve the quality of the data through statistical analyses and systematic spatio-temporal correlations.

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