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Student of the year

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We are very proud to announce that one of our doctoral students, René Unrau, has been elected as 2019 Esri Development Center International Student of the Year!

René has clearly earned this honor with his PhD project in which he proposes and evaluates a holistic and scalable approach to assess the usability of Web GIS, mainly using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. In his toolkit, four types of interactive visualizations are shown to facilitate deep insights into the usability of Web GIS. Please see the Esri website for further information.

Congratulations, René!

Five new PhDs in three days: congratulations to Ana, Champika, Guiying, Mehrnaz and Shivam!

On Thursday, Friday and Monday, five candidates from ifgi successfully defended their theses and became the most recent PhD graduates at ifgi. Ana Maria Bustamante defended her work on “Participation & (Re)Settlement: Envisioning Mobile Services with Young Forced Migrants”. Champika Ranasinghe did the same for her topic “Adapting Navigation Support to Positional Information of Varying Quality”. Guiying Du’s defence centred on her topic of “Supporting Public Participation through Interactive Immersive Public Displays”. Mehrnaz Ataei publicly defended her thesis on “Location Data Privacy: Principles to Practice” and Shivam Gupta did the same for his thesis on “Spatial Modelling of Air Pollution for Open Smart Cities”. Ana, Guiying, Mehrnaz and Shivam were the first four out of thirteen early stage researchers on the ITN GEO-C to defend their thesis - the remaining nine candidates will defend their work in the coming two weeks.

Congratulations to the five new PhDs!

PROMOS: Mobilitätsprogramm des DAAD

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Das PROMOS-Programm fördert die Mobilität von Studierenden deutscher Hochschulen. Im Fachbereich 14 sollen insbesondere Forschungsaufenthalte für Abschlussarbeiten gefördert werden. Ausführliche Informationen unter: https://www.uni-muenster.de/studium/outgoing/stipendien/promos.html
Die nächste Promos-Bewerbungsfrist für Vorhaben, die zwischen Juli und Dezember 2018 beginnen, endet am 15.04.2018.
Mit dieser Bewerbungsrunde wird das PROMOS-Bewerbungsvefahren auf ein Online-Verfahren umgestellt. Bitte bewerben Sie sich unter diesem Link: https://wwum.moveon4.de/form/5a9561df83fb96932919c8b7/deu.
Für Fragen zum PROMOS-Stipendium steht Ihnen für den Fachbereich 14 Cornelia Steinhäuser als Ansprechpartnerin gerne zur Verfügung (cornelia.steinhaeuser@uni-muenster.de).

EDC Forum 2017 - “Big Data Analytics & GIS“ in Münster, September 21-22

ESRI Development Center

The EDC Forum 2017 will be held at the Institute for Geoinformatics (Ifgi) in Münster on September 21-22! 
Ifgi is participating in Esri’s EDC (Esri Development Center) program, which fosters the collaboration between research and industry. The EDC Developer Forum is a joint workshop format with presentations, open discussions and practical workshops. The forum is designed to discuss concepts and technologies, to evaluate market-driven solutions, and to gain hands-on experience in applying those concepts and technologies.

The EDC Forum 2017 "Big Data Analytics in Geographic Information Systems" addresses topics with a scientific and technological focus in the field of modeling, analyzing and visualizing spatio-temporal phenomena in large datasets. Registration is open until August 21. For a detailed program and other useful information, check the workshop homepage.