Cell Segmentation & Motion Quantification

We have developed techniques to segment and track of multiple cells in in vivo wounding. In particular, challenges like overlaps and clustered cell entities are addressed by introducing a statistical measure called hemocyte migration score. 

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Results are published in: 

  • Lammel, U., Bechtold, M., Risse, B., Berh, D., Fleige, A., Bunse, I., et al. (2014). The Drosophila FHOD1-like formin Knittrig acts through Rok to promote stress fiber formation and directed macrophage migration during the cellular immune response. Development, 141(6), 1366–1380. 
  • Sander, M., Squarr, A. J., Risse, B., Jiang, X., & Bogdan, S. (2013). Drosophila pupal macrophages - A versatile tool for combined ex vivo and in vivo imaging of actin dynamics at high resolution. European Journal of Cell Biology.