International Conference – Gender (Studies) in Theology – Why and What For?

Münster, 28th – 29th of November 2019
© V.Suchhart-Kroll

The Centre for Theological Gender Studies at the Faculty for Catholic Theology at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster continues its work with new faces, a new name and a transformed concept. As a start to this new phase, we invite experts and young scholars in the context of theological gender studies as well as theologians with a both critical and constructive perspective to reflect upon potentials and desiderata of theological gender studies as well as new research questions.

We pose the question: Why and for what purpose should gender-sensitive perspectives and approaches of gender studies be considered in theology? Our question is based on the theory that gender studies transform theology. We would like to elaborate together how gender already transforms theology and where we can still find potential to develop.

Which contribution do the findings of theological and general gender studies make to the different theological disciplines, our specific theological work, scientific discussions, marginalized subjects, methodological questions etc.? Which sections require gender-sensitive research the most? And where is it necessary to take a critical look at marginalized perspectives, approaches and methods?

Flyer available for download [de]

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