TeachTank: Lehrbausteine "Gender in Theologie"

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The TeachTank offers varied teaching materials (“Lehrbausteine”) on Theological Gender Studies in university teaching.

  • News

    October 2022

    On October 19th, 2022, the Centre for Theological Gender Studies launched the TeachTank: Lehrbausteine “Gender in Theologie” at our faculty. In a small ceremony, the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Norbert Köster, congratulated the team that went on to present the teach tank. Numerous faculty members – including many contributors and supporters of the project – attended the event. Following the presentation of the teach tank and a stimulating discussion, all guests toasted to theological gender research at the faculty.

    If you are not yet enrolled in the learnweb course, but would like to browse through the teach tank and get inspiration for your own teaching, please send us an email (gender.theologie@uni-muenster.de).

  • The Challenge

    Reflecting on questions of gender in theology is an interdisciplinary field that concerns all subjects and areas of theology. Therefore, the gender perspective should always be included in theological studies. Many lecturers appreciate theological gender studies and have a general interest in including questions of gender in their teaching. However, time, helpful teaching materials and suggestions for a concrete implementation are rare. As a result, these questions and topics are in danger of getting side-lined.

  • The Idea

    The Centre for Theological Gender Studies develops “Lehrbausteine” (teaching materials) on questions of gender in theology. It collects archived and well-tried teaching materials and develops new ones together with members of the centre as well as lecturers of other theological faculties in Germany and beyond. These materials can be used digitally as well as analogically in academic teaching. At first, they are made available to lecturers of the WWU Münster with the help of a “TeachTank” in in learnweb. In a second step, they will be published for a broader audience.

    The “Lehrbausteine” consist of materials  such as exercises, text works or learning videos on gender (in)equality, feminism and current developments in theological gender studies. They are accompanied by guidelines on didactic aspects as well as on difficult and sensitive topics.   

  • The Time-Table

    • Spring 2020: start of the project
    • Summer 2022: launch of the TeachTank at the faculty
    • Afterwards: phase of feedback and further development
    • 2023/24: publication of the “Lehrbausteine” for a broader audience
  • The Teaching Materials

    The centre develops teaching materials on a variety of topics that include aspects of biblical, historical, systematic as well as practical theology. There is a focus on materials for the courses for first-semester students as well as on introductions to theology and gender, feminist waves and gender studies in general.

    Topics are for example:


    …gender and biblical didactics

    …representation in theology as an academic discipline

    …gender-fair language as a topic of theology

    …women in the Second Vatican Council

    …images of God


  • Funding

    The idea for the project received the Equality Price of the WWU so that the project is funded by the prize money. Here, you can find more information on the Equality Price.

    Here, you can find a short film about the project.

  • Contact

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Verena Suchhart-Kroll (project management) anytime! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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