Specialized Libraries: Women in Religions and Christian Feminist Theology

Since 1980, the Faculty for Catholic Theology at the WWU has set up a theological specialized library for “Women in Religions” (“Frauen in den Religionen”, FIR). Professor Annette Wilke and Professor Marie-Theres Wacker maintained and expanded the library.

Additionally, the Seminar for Theological Women’s Studies under the direction of Prof. Dr. Marie-Theres Wacker maintained the library “Christian Feminist Theology” (“Christliche Feministische Theologie”, FemTh). It comprises literature of feminist and gender-sensitive theology, non-theological feminist contributions of different disciplines and 16 international feminist journals.

All literature acquired until 2007 is allocated at the library at the Hüfferstift. Since the Centre does not have a budget for books at its disposal anymore, the Diocesan Library Münster has taken over the acquisition of the latest feminist theological literature since august 2007 and the acquisition of journals since the beginning of 2008.

  • FemTh


    A. General
    B. Feminist Historiography
    C. Feminist Theory/Philosophy
    D. Women in Politics, Society and Institutions
    F. Body and Sexuality
    H. Theological Hermeneutics
    I. Feminist Biblical Exegesis
    K. Systematic Theology
    L. Ethics
    M. Practical Theology
    N. Women in the Churches
    T. Literature/Literary Studies/Linguistics
    U. Art and Media

  • FIR

    Main topics:

    • Women in Religions in General and in Particular
    • Women in Ancient Oriental Cultures and in Antiquity
    • Women in Hinduism
    • Women in Buddhism
    • Women in Biblical and Post-Biblical Judaism
    • Women in Islam
    • Women in other religions (Shintoism)