International Perspective
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Networked with the rest of the world: the University of Münster has an ever-increasing number of international degree programmes and 750 international academics and 3,500 international undergraduate and doctoral students come from 130 countries, characterising the city and university. To further develop internationalisation, we continue to optimise our international degree programmes, promote international incoming and outgoing exchanges for students, academics and staff, and offer students “Internationalisation at Home” courses and workshops, enabling them to gather international experience on-site:

Study a semester abroad
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while pursuing our M.Sc.

We understand the need for a global focus in education. With more than 550 university and other partner institutions worldwide, we have made it a priority to promote study abroad opportunities for our students in the European Union and around the world.

At Mathematics Münster, you can choose to spend a semester or year at one of our 13 Erasmus + partner universities in Europe within the framework of the Erasmus + programme. Erasmus + is a programme by the European union, which supports, among other things, student mobility in Europe. As an Erasmus+ student, you will benefit from a small scholarship, and, ideally, a good fit between your home university’s and your exchange university’s curriculum. Moreover, you won’t have to pay tuition fees at your exchange university. We also have Erasmus+ scholarships for internships at enterprises or other institutions in the Erasmus + area. Want to know more? Here you go.

Beside our Erasmus + exchange possibilities, you can also choose to spend some study time at one of the University of Münster’s worldwide partner universities. To finance a stay at one of our university wide partner institutions or at another university of your choice, you can apply for a PROMOS scholarship. Our PROMOS scholarships fund semester or shorter stays at universities, research internships or work internships as well as summer / winter schools worldwide. You can find more information here.


for international students to join our M.Sc.

There are full-grant scholarships available. Detailed information about these may be found at
There are also one-semester visit scholarships available. Detailed information about these may be found at

International Campus

For international and German students, the University of Münster has various offers for networking, intercultural understanding and encounters, a buddy programme matching international and German students, cultural events, support, and much more.

Our International Centre, Die Brücke, is a meeting point for all university members. As part of the International Office, it also offers support especially for international students. Other divisions of our International Office offer advice concerning study abroad opportunities for all enrolled students – and answer questions of international prospective students and applicants relating to preparatory programmes, choosing a major, admission requirements, application procedures, visa and residence issues, financial matters and life in Germany / Münster. Besides, all university members may also embark on the intercultural training courses.

If you are an international student, our Language centre offers study preparatory as well as study-accompanying German language courses free of charge. Courses for learning any of almost 20 different languages are also open for all enrolled students free of charge. Please find more information here.